Oak Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center
Wish List - Oak Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center - Wildomar, California


Wish List

English or Western Saddles - Any Size

English or Western Bridals & Head Stalls - Any Size

Horse Tack

Lead Ropes & Halters

Helmets - Any Size

Cowboy Boots

Buckets for feed

Water buckets for the horses

Shade Cover for the horses

Wood to build patio covers for clients for shade including wood for gazebos

Wood to build ramps for those in wheel chairs to get on horses easily

Patio furniture

Gas firepit

Wood to build tack rooms for framing, plywood, T1 11, roofing material, asphault rolls for roofing

Golf cart to drive clients from one location to another easily

ATV Utility Quad


PVC pipes for water lines








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