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Meet the Horses at Oak Meadows Ranch

Most of the horses at Oak Meadows Ranch are rescued horses. They are horses horse owners could no longer afford, many due to the economy have lost their ranches or horse property or could no longer afford to board their horse. Many are older horses with issues such as lame or have health problems but are still not suffering and want to be alive and love to be loved. Many of the horses if not rescued by the Blue Pearl Project would be dead today. Blue Pearl Project does it's best when helping horses throughout the United States find either a good rescue that can help the horse owner or rescues them themselves. Horses rescued in the Central to Southern California live at a ranch called Oak Meadows Ranch. Blue Pearl Project at Oak Meadows Ranch's philosophy is when rescuing a horse is to provide the rescued horse with a good home at Oak Meadows Ranch and sharing them with the community such as with those that want to be with horses but can't, school community service, court appointed community service or some type of manadatory community service and last but not least our rescued horses being used for therapy for Veterans and children and adults with disabilities.












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